Original Christmas Tree® Traditional Pattern

A classic selection of the Original Christmas Tree® Dinnerware on traditional rounded cream bodies.  Designed in America & made by England's finest potteries since 1922.  Made of High-Quality Earthenware.  Chip-Resistant and, Microwave & Dishwasher safe.

Dinnerware also comes in the 
Dickens Embossed style.  Also available for internet sales is a full complement of Barware. 


5 PC Place Setting

Item No. CPS1. Includes 1 Dinner Plate (11"D), 1 Salad Plate (8 1/4"D), 1 Bread & Butter Plate (7 1/8"D) & 1 Cup / Saucer.

20 PC Place Setting

Item No. CPS3. Includes 4 Dinner Plates (11"D), 4 Salad Plates (8 1/4"D), 4 Bread & Butter Plates (7 1/8"D) & 4 Cups / Saucers.

Dinner Plate, 11", Set of 4

Item No. C01N. 

Salad Plate, 8 1/4", Set of 4

Item No. C02N. 

Bread & Butter Plate, 71/8", Set of 4

Item No. C03N. 

Teacup & Saucer, Set of 4

Item No. C04N. 

Cereal Bowl, 6 1/4", Set of 4

Item No. C06N.  

Rim Soup, 9 3/4", Set of 4

Item No. C10N. 

Mug, Set of 4

Item No. C12N. 

Tapis Desert Plate 8 1/2", Set of 4

Item No. C09N.

Teapot, 6 Cup

Item No. C13N.


Item No. C14N.

Covered Sugar

Item No. C15N.


Item No. C16N.


Item No. C17AN.

Sauceboat Stand

Item No. C17BN.

Oval Platter, Large 14"

Item No. C18N.

Oval Platter, Medium 12"

Item No. C19N. 

Oval Vegetable Bowl

Item No. C23N.

Handled Candy Dish

Item No. C25N.

Salt & Pepper

Item No. C34N.

Rd Vegetable Bowl, 1.5 Qt

Item No. C41N.

Celery Tray

Item No. C59.

Covered Butter

Item No. C82N.

Pasta/Salad Bowl, 13 1/2"

Item No.C87N.